The collaboration between the vocalist Fernando Wilkins Jr and the percussionist Neftali Rosado Jr. resulted in the production of Venceremos.

“Venceremos” is a brand new CD put together by two talented salseros from the Bay Area, California “Neftali Rosado Jr. and Fernandito Junior”. Let me just say that while I was listening to the entire production It was very difficult to stay still. I just wanted to dance and couldn’t wait for my next gig so I could play these hot tracks for my dancers.

The CD has 9 strong dance tracks such as Temblor, Puertoriqueño Yo Soy, Peñuelas and the track I’m featuring “Cuando Entro En La Rumba” just to name a few. All the arrangements cater to los bailadores without a doubt. I highly recommend you pick this CD up and add it to your collection. This CD can be purchased at your favorite download sites.

Source: New Gen Salsa


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